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To get help with any of your Office 365 Business applications you can have Microsoft support call you. However, you won’t find a Microsoft support phone number listed on their site. Instead, you need to open a ticket and wait for them to get back to you. I know for me, finding my way to the right contact form to have them call me can be a bit tricky, and I have spent a bit too much time clicking around the Microsoft support pages. I hope this quick article helps get you there faster (and me when I forget in the future).

You need to be logged into your Microsoft admin account, then you can contact a support agent from the Microsoft 365 admin center

Once logged in, click the red Need help? button at the bottom.

Make sure the O365 Assistant button is off (otherwise you’ll just wind up talking to a chatbot).
Then enter a description of the issue.
Click Get Help.

Some links to articles will open under View Solutions. Collapse this because the call option and some other choices appear below this.
Click New service request by phone.

Enter your callback number in the field. The Expected wait time is… value reflects actual estimate.
After you click Call me, a support person will get back to you so have your phone handy.
They will keep following up with you until the issue is resolved.

So, although the Microsoft support phone number isn’t available, I hope this article helps you reach a support person in a jiffy.