Wall calendar and alarm clock

When talking to people who have made the switch from Outlook to Google I’ve heard a couple concerns regarding the calendar reminders.

Outlook’s popup meeting reminder had an easily customizable snooze function.

Example of the Outlook reminder popup
Outlook reminder popup

The native Google calendar reminders only show up once. If you’re like me  I need a ten minute “heads-up” reminder, then the ability to hit snooze and get another reminder a few minutes before the event… or even after it’s already started. If you also use your calendar to manage some tasks this snooze function can be useful as a checklist, snoozing until the task is completed.

The other thing I’ve heard Google users get frustrated about is the native alert interruptions- the calendar browser window suddenly appears on top of all the others with your reminder. It physically pulls you away from the window you were in the middle of working in (it does not care if you’re in the middle of a sentence). This can be a really frustrating disruption, leaving you to find which window/tab/document you were working in, risk getting distracted by all the other things you have open, and spend time refocusing on your task.

Calendar browser reminder
Chrome browser alert

Here are a couple suggestions to remedy one or both of these issues…

Option one

Change your reminders to show a small reminder in the corner instead of the browser window alert.

Step 1) Update your chrome settings to switch from browser alerts to system notifications chrome://settings/content/notifications

Click Add and enter https://calendar.google.com

Mac desktop notification
Desktop notification on a Mac

Step 2) In your Google calendar settings, under Event settings, change the Notifications option from Alerts to Desktop notifications.

Desktop notification on a PC

Option Two

If you want to take it a step further and add an extension that will give you flexible, snoozable reminders:

Step 1) Download a free chrome extension called Checker Plus.

Step 2) Checker Plus has oodles of options for your calendar, but just to get the reminders set up go to chrome://extensions/

Click Details next to CheckerPlus, then click Extension options.

Under Welcome, Grant Access, I prefer the Google Account access option.

Click Customize the Notifications and setup your reminders.

CheckerPlus notification settings

Step 3) You’ll want to disable the default Chrome notifications completely so you don’t get double-reminders.
In your Google calendar settings, under Event settings, change the Notifications option to Off.

The Checker Plus pop-up, full of events I keep snoozing