Did you know you can Add a Google Drive Doc, file or folder to multiple folders (kind of like Windows shortcuts)? Then you can access to the single copy of the file from different places. No need for managing duplicates.

Say you have a Google Doc that has marketing content that is useful both for the website, as well as email marketing. Instead of making a second copy and needing to keep track of which is most up to date, you can have the single file appear in both places.

You can accomplish this with the Add feature.

Adding items to multiple Drive folders

Select the file or folder so it is highlighted in blue. 

Highlighted Google Doc in Drive

Click SHIFT + Z keys (same on PC or Mac), an Add popup will appear, allowing you to select a second (or third, fourth…) folder to include the file in. 

Note the word Add appears on the button, instead of Move.

Highlighting the Add button on popup

Navigate to the second folder in My Drive and click Add.

Arrow points to the Add button

That’s all it takes. Now if I were to visit the original folder or newly added “Training” folder, I will see my “SOP – Documentation Projects” Doc.

Removing items from multiple Drive folders 

Highlight the file or folder you want to change, then turn on the Details pane in your Drive.

Highlighting the icon that opens the Details pane

Ensure the Details tab is selected.

Highlighting the Details tab in Details pane

Toward the bottom of the Details pane, you can see what folders an item currently appears in.

Showing multiple folders on Google Doc in Details pane

You can remove item from folders you don’t want them to appear in anymore, by clicking the “X” next to the folder name.

Arrow pointing to Remove folder "X" on Doc Details