Use these productivity tips, nifty tools, and suggested methods to streamline your office tasks, master your tools, and get more done.

These are things I’ve discovered while teaching people, that I get asked a lot, or things found a fun hack for myself that I want to share!

Sketch of a simple Kanban board

If you have ever used Trello you have used a Kanban board. Kanban boards originated at Toyota in the 1940s and spread to all kinds of manufacturing, then software development and now project management in various industries. Read more

Checkvist icon appearing on Android home screen

It’s like checklist but with a “v”.

Checkvist is my favorite piece of software ever. At its most basic it’s a hierarchical list, but if you take advantage of the full feature-set it can be used by a team for simple project management. I love the light, minimal interface of this tool- it meets my needs really elegantly.  Read more

I don’t remember who suggested it, but I first picked up David Allen’s Getting Things Done in 2013. It offered a very simple framework for managing work, reducing inefficiencies, and increasing productivity. Read more