Do you ever get frustrated because you are trying to use a couple different Google accounts at the same time?  You have work Gmail open in one tab, and personal Gmail open in another. When you click on an attached document in one email account, the document opens in the other account- saying you don’t have access.

Or perhaps your family shares a computer, and it gets a bit confusing when each person opens their Gmail in a new tab. The browser will just assume the most recently logged in one is the active one, so even if you come back to your own Gmail tab after your daughter has been emailing her friends, the browser will think you are her.

There’s a clean, easy way to manage using different accounts. And you can be logged into and using all of them at the same time, without the wrong document trying to open with the wrong account, or the wrong YouTube profile appearing.

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Let’s look at why our Tab-itis is slowing us down, and review how a free Chrome plugin- The Great Suspender – can help!

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When someone wants to share logins and passwords with other team members, freelancers, or family members, they often put them in a Google Doc or Sheet. It’s super convenient to share and have access from any device or location. But are Google Docs really a secure place keep your passwords?

In my opinion, No. There are too many easy to make mistakes that create security risks to call this secure.

Any account that can be reset with a new password sent to your email address is never more secure than your email system.

If someone were to gain access to the email account you use with your various other logins they could easily reset the password to accounts. They click “Forgot password?” on each site they want to try and get into, and then from your email account complete the reset.

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When talking to people who have made the switch from Outlook to Google I’ve heard a couple concerns regarding the calendar reminders.

Outlook’s popup meeting reminder had an easily customizable snooze function.

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Chances are you’ve been at an airport, on a bus, or some other public space and your smartphone’s battery was about to die. More and more of these spaces offer convenient and free USB charging jacks. Before you reach for your charging cord, you should understand that there are security risks with these free power ports and learn how to protect yourself. Read more

Black Friday is almost here and the sales have already started, so I thought it would be a good time to suggest a simple and very inexpensive holiday gift idea- stick-on webcam covers.

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If you have ever used Trello you have used a Kanban board. Kanban boards originated at Toyota in the 1940s and spread to all kinds of manufacturing, then software development and now project management in various industries. Read more

It’s like checklist but with a “v”.

Checkvist is my favorite piece of software ever. At its most basic it’s a hierarchical list, but if you take advantage of the full feature-set it can be used by a team for simple project management. I love the light, minimal interface of this tool- it meets my needs really elegantly.  Read more

I don’t remember who suggested it, but I first picked up David Allen’s Getting Things Done in 2013. It offered a very simple framework for managing work, reducing inefficiencies, and increasing productivity. Read more

I think the “Please select state first” is a nice way to take advantage of the pre-selected drop-down value, giving a little guidance to do the first step first. Most forms that have this behavior just say something generic here, like “Select” but for no extra cost could improve their UX.

Good Select state first 2016-01-05