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Quick User Experience Rant About Google’s New App Icons

The new icons that began propagating across the Google universe last week are having an impact on how I work. Previously each application was a different color, so I could easily just look for a color and not really pay attention to the shape of the icon or the words in the label. It was […]

How To Talk To Microsoft O365 Support By Phone

To get help with any of your Office 365 Business applications you can have Microsoft support call you. However, you won’t find a Microsoft support phone number listed on their site. Instead, you need to open a ticket and wait for them to get back to you. I know for me, finding my way to […]

Adding Docs and files to multiple folders in Google Drive

Did you know you can Add a Google Drive Doc, file or folder to multiple folders (kind of like Windows shortcuts)? Then you can access to the single copy of the file from different places. No need for managing duplicates. Say you have a Google Doc that has marketing content that is useful both for […]

Using Chrome profiles to manage multiple Google Accounts

Do you ever get frustrated because you are trying to use a couple different Google accounts at the same time?  You have work Gmail open in one tab, and personal Gmail open in another. When you click on an attached document in one email account, the document opens in the other account- saying you don’t […]

Is It Secure to Store Passwords in Google Docs?

When someone wants to share logins and passwords with other team members, freelancers, or family members, they often put them in a Google Doc or Sheet. It’s super convenient to share and have access from any device or location. But are Google Docs really a secure place keep your passwords? In my opinion, No. There […]

Google Calendar Reminders

When talking to people who have made the switch from Outlook to Google I’ve heard a couple concerns regarding the calendar reminders. Outlook’s popup meeting reminder had an easily customizable snooze function.

Holiday Gift Idea Under $10 – USB Data Blocker

Chances are you’ve been at an airport, on a bus, or some other public space and your smartphone’s battery was about to die. More and more of these spaces offer convenient and free USB charging jacks. Before you reach for your charging cord, you should understand that there are security risks with these free power […]