Smart, streamlined documentation


My focus is on the information your customers or staff need to use your software and services. Whether it’s creating a help center from the ground up, re-architecting a knowledge base, or writing user guides, I’m committed to building intuitive, user-centric resources.


  • Knowledge bases, help centers, and web-based documentation
  • Information architecture
  • Assessments and rebuilds for existing resources
  • Technical writing of how-to articles and user guides
  • Style guides, controlled vocabularies and content templates


I’m Lynn Stabile, a technical writer who has been working with software development teams writing how-to guides, knowledge base articles, documentation, and training materials for more than a dozen years. Before turning to writing, I was a software product and project manager.

My focus is writing internal and customer facing documentation for proprietary software and SaaS. I’ve helped startups launch help centers for new products, analyzed and rebuilt IA for large organizational knowledge bases, and trained thousands internationally on new software and workflows.


For all inquiries please email